Personalize interactive installations, let visitors become part of installations and extend their visit with content accessible on the web

Personalized experience

With identification of visitors you can allow people with different interests to each have a tailored experience. Your exhibit will «know» what language your visitors prefer and can display content adjusted for their age.

Social media

Let visitors identify in your center with RFID and let them share their content from interactive installations on social media.


With statistics for usage you will get an overview over your most popular interactive installations  and how visitors interact with them.

Control panel

Backtrack can automate the process of shutdown and startup computers and projectors on any given schedule. Backtrack also gives you status information from connected computers and projectors from a desktop computer or mobile device.


An open Application Programming Interface as a solid foundation for adding more interactive exhibits to your center and let them communicate.

Extend their experience

Visitors can also re-experience what they created at your center by visiting your installation of Backtrack on the web.

What is Backtrack?

BACKTRACK is a platform and system for visitor centers where the visitor themselves create content during their visit

This solution stores the content as images, video, audio or other results


Why use Backtrack?

BACKTRACK will store the visitor experience and extend the visit by enabling visitor to access their visit in retrospect. The system has an out of the box solution for handling RFID identification.

With the right level of identification you can create exhibits with a more personal experience


Select feature license

We have divided our system into a range of feature packages so you only need to pay for the license of what you actually need. Choose between a license per year or an unlimited license.



  • Control panel
  • Personalized experience
  • API
  • Statistics
  • Social media and personal web pages for visitors to access their creations

For customers that can fit this system into operational costs we also have a subscription price model available.



  • Control panel
  • Personalized experience
  • API
  • Statistics



  • Control panel
Backtrack Backtrack

Personalized interactive installations! Get usage statistics from exhibits. The Backtrack system enables exhibit network integration, RFID identification handling and an out of the box solution for publishing visitor created content on the web and shared on social media.

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